Invacare Rea AB

Invacare Rea AB

Växjövägen 303
343 71 DIÖ


The history of Rea wheelchairs starts with humble beginnings worthy of a storybook. In the 1950's, a cabinet-maker called Ragnar Sandström lived in the small town of Diö in southern Sweden. Ragnar worked for a furniture company, Gemla Möbler, where, among other things, they made wooden wheelchairs.

Visionary and creative, Ragnar had many ideas and tried to persuade company management to invest in what he saw as the material of the modern age - steel tubing. Faced with disinterest and resistance, Ragnar began crafting pieces of furniture out of steel tubing from his garage at home.


Verksamheten ingår i: Invacare Rea AB
Organisationsnummer: 556098-9211
Bolagsform: Aktiebolag
Bolaget registrerat: 1965

Arbetsställe nr(cfar): 10703056

Box 200
343 75 DIÖ


Status: Aktiv
Registreringsdatum: 1965-07-14
Juridiskt namn: Invacare Rea AB
Verksamhet: SN30920 – Cykel- & invalidfordonsindustri
Länsäte: Kronoberg
Kommunsäte: Älmhult
Moderbolag: Invacare Rea AB

Svensk näringsgrensindelning - SNI

SN30920 – Cykel- & invalidfordonsindustri
SN30990 – Transportmedelsindustri, övrig
SN32501 – Medicinsk-& dentalinstrumentindustri
SN72190 – Teknisk- & naturvetenskap, forskning